We answer the most frequent questions

What is the Mystery Client service? Generally, this figure deals with evaluating different aspects of your business. By pretending to be a client, he/she goes into the stores and assesses the level of customer satisfaction: he/she notices if they are greeted when they enter, if the stores clerks smile, if the merchandise is tidy and well folded, if the store is clean, if the clerks invite them to buy, if they have an accommodating and patient attitude and other details that can escape management due to routine causes, distraction or absence from the store. At the end of the visit, a detailed feedback list will be drawn up, highlighting which strengths to valorise and which weak points need to be improved.

Is it necessary to request long-term ongoing consultations?
No, it is not: we do both consulting and/or job on call!

Do you also provide your services to small businesses in the field of fashion?
We work with luxury but also with fast fashion, because competence is not dictated by market range: every single client is precious!

Who are you and what do you do?
We are actual consultants. Often this figure is seen as abstract and diplomatic. NOT us! We listen to the customer, solve problems, leave a trace with forms and record books, go in the field with their employees in order to improve the quality of their work and increase productivity. All this is possible because, in addition to having studied, we have direct experience in every field of the services we offer.

Do you offer a discount for new customers?
With their second order of the equal or higher amount there is an automatic 15% discount.

How much does it cost to meet up and put together a business plan?
The first meeting and the estimate are free.

What is the necessary budget?
No pre-set budget. We create a tailor-made package, just for you.

Can I become a Fashion consultant?
Contact us, and we will try to help you.

Are payments immediate or on delivery?
Do not worry: the payment is in instalments.

If sales are down?
We have a team of Mystery Clients that will help you.

Demanding deliveries?
Here we come! Our team enters and integrates with your group and, only during that period, you will have a greater work force without the extra manpower costs.

What are your tools?
Mac computers, computer graphics programmes, cameras, sewing machines, cad designer.

Who are your technicians?
People with transversal knowledge who will design or develop the sample and later monitor it by organizing the production of said sample with your managing team.

At the end of your consultation service, will you leave a trace of the project carried out?
Yes. At the end of the work, we will provide our clients with a comprehensible record book, containing all the files, so that they can autonomously reuse it in the future or store it in their archive.

Why should we invest in wellness?
Because in a congested economic system, we must improve human beings so as to reach new positive results. (inspired by A.C. Pigou, master of J.M. Keynes)