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We deepen our knowledge through the curriculum and a brief interview with Azzurra

Synthesis, Surrealism and Noir Elegance

SSynthesis. Surrealism. Noir Elegance.

A style in search of timeless harmony.

Based on the answers given by Azzurra Parolisi in the following interview, the fashion designer who lives and works in Rome and Naples clearly shows her determination. With her play of volumes and fabrics (among which she prefers linen, and felted wool), her clothes evoke surreal atmospheres, while always retaining minimal tones (favourite colours: white, black, tar, bitumen) and, above all, her spirit for synthesis that guides the lines of her collections.

Azzurra Parolisi, profession Fashion designer: how, when, where and why did you enter the world of fashion?

Just as for the fashion cycles, you cannot pin point a precise date: mine was a gradual approach, but my encounter with Rome was certainly crucial. Why the world of fashion? It was a choice dictated by a strong need for communication.

Your outfits look like architectures inhabited by the protagonists of surreal stories, on the cusp between dark and minimal elegance. Who inspires you when you draw?

I have an imaginary ideal in which I transfer fragments taken from the real world, such as the elegance of style icons, Salvador Dali's surreal aesthetic and the human values that my family has taught me.

Who would you like wearing them?

Any human being who possesses the magic of being a human being with rigor and elegance.

Do you imagine an ideal setting where your creations can live?

Every creation has an ideal place, but the common denominator is the balance of the optical weight and the communication of the principles of being.

Which moments have marked your career as a designer?

A key milestone was my first show, and the succession of encounters with people from whom I learned so much.

Out of all the collections you created during these years, which was your favourite one?

Metamorphosis. It was the starting point of a path that has the creation of a style as its destination.

The attention to the photographic image is evident in the care with which you present your work through the photo shoots, which summarise your artistic universe. How are these photo shoots born?

From the desire to describe a contemporary historical moment. The narration, through images, of a debate inebriated with poetry.

Inevitably I ask, where is your creative universe heading?

It is heading towards a road that leads to the essence of harmony, the perfect synthesis of the representation of the totality in which there is emotion and identification that is accessible to all.

What is your relationship with the fashion system? And with the trends?

I think that the fashion system is a complex fulcrum from which to draw; as able as I am to understand it now, I love it and the contest it, just like the dominant colours of my works. As for trends, they are objects of documentation, but I think that fashion is born from the streets.